New PS Sim Computer Configuration Service

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New PS Sim Computer Configuration Service

Have MK Quilts help select a laptop, configure, install Pro-Stitcher/Art & Stitch, and ship to you ready to use.

1. You buy a laptop from Best Buy or equivalent store and have it delivered to MK Quilts.  This can be done together over a screen sharing session.
2. MK Quilts sets up your MS account, installs all windows updates and extra software, (This can take 3-5 days.)  Exchanges of information with you will be required to get accounts setup and software licensed.
3. Repack PC in original packaging and ship back to you.  (You will be billed the shipping separately.  Must be tracked through UPS or Fedex.)
4. One 30 minute screen sharing session to answer any questions.

Your trust will be required because you will pay for the laptop up front.  MK Quilts is not reselling any hardware or software.  Shipping charges from Florida will apply and be solely your responsibility.  MK Quilts will acknowledge this agreement through email and provide regular updates.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review