Machine Timing Loop Lift CLAMP for all HQ Longarm Machines

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Machine Timing Spacer for all HQ Longarm Models


This does not contain the allan tools needed to adjust the timing. It is intended for use by the average longarm user so that they can accurately determine if the machine is timed properly. Poorly timed machines can lead to stitch/tension related issues.

Review our video on timing:

PLEASE NOTE- You will need both the spacer AND the clamp for the timing. Sold Separately. You will need to buy the loop lift spacer if you do not already have one. 

The clamp is specifically made to fit around the needlebar and work with the spacer. 

Loop Lift Spacers: The Infinity requires the 2.6mm Loop Lift spacer. All other HQ machines require th 2.2mm Loop Lift spacer. Sold Separately.


*Adjusting timing is not a warranty covered item as it is something that is only required after an 'unfortunate incident.' An experienced service technician is recommended for adjusting timing as you need precision in both rotation and forward positioning on the shaft.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review