Zippers w/Fabric Tabs / FULL SET

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Product Overview

Zippers w/Fabric Tabs / FULL SET


Use this these zippered fabric tabs to load quilts "The MK Way".


The intent with these zip off/zip on fabric tabs is to attach your backing fabric without having to pin or remove the entire leader from your frame.


Take just the zipper with fabric tab off, attaching backing, zip it back on.


Use these in combination with the leaders grips to make your loading process go quickly and smoothly. Watch Melissa's YouTube Video "Load Quilts the MK Way" to see the full explanation of how Melissa has adapted both these products in her studio.


These zippered fabric tabs can be used independently.


NOTE FOR NON-HQ FRAMES: Non-HandiQuilter frames should be physically measured for usable width between the sidearms.


For custom sizes, please put the measurements required in the comments dialog at checkout. We will contact you to clarify your requirements.


For international orders, an extra postage charge will apply. 


Zippers in action video:

Installation after purchase video:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review