HQ HighRise2 Table Lift System

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HQ HighRise2 Table Lift System

SKU: QT00520

The HighRise2 Kit attaches to your frame legs to quickly and easily raise or lower your entire frame. Avoid back and shoulder strain when quilting by moving the frame up and down at the touch of a button. Use the preset height feature to quickly move from one favorite position to another (sit down for micro-quilting, stand up for edge-to-edge). Compatible with all straight-legged HQ Little Foot, HQ Studio, HQ Studio2, HQ Fusion, HQ Gallery, and HQ Gallery2 Frames.


Not currently available for 14 foot tables.


Not recommended with frames with casters or frames that are moved often.

Lower your table before moving to prevent damaging lifts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review